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Sedus Crossline

Drab grey is out; today offices are a more striking and creative statement of the corporate culture. The secret to a well-designed office chair is therefore an expressive form, yet one which blends harmoniously into high-end surroundings. The Sedus crossline product family offers a variety of material and colour combinations to meet just about every creative wish. All Sedus crossline and crossline prime models are available with high-quality fabric and leather finishes.

This exceptional office chair is the product of the close collaboration between scientists, engineers and designers with the aim of developing a novel seating system which moves in perfect synchronicity with the human body. This aim was achieved using the patented “Similar-Plus” mechanism and an innovative backrest design. The unique functionality also defines the singular aesthetics of this chair, which can be seen in the distinctive cross- shaped backrest support structure for which the Sedus crossline models were named.