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Sedus Mr. 24

Are you a Mr 24? Do you spend more time on your chair than anywhere else in your life? Read on.

Workstations which are used on a continuous basis, for example in control rooms, place extreme demands on office seating. When developing the Sedus mr. 24 swivel chair, these demands became reality thanks to perfect ergo- nomics, exacting quality standards and maximum robustness.

The seat and backrest upholstery is not only generously sized, but also extremely sturdy. The adjustment functions are particularly user-friendly and long- lasting. Even for users weighing up
to 200 kg, Sedus mr. 24 is the perfect choice for use right round the clock. The Tec fabric is ideal for the upholstery since it is non-wearing and extremely resilient. The chair is also available in the crêpe and leather collections.