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Viasit Scope Task

Multi-functionality meets design
The scope swivel chair impresses with its concept of integrated functions: ten individually adjustable control functions are arranged to be user friendly and are subtly embedded in the chair. Be it basics such as seat height adjustment or a locking backrest angle or be it special features such as spring force setting or lumbar support adjustment, its multi-functionality is guaranteed to make the scope swivel chair into your personal favourite.

Subtle, futuristic design combined with sophisticated technology and unbeatable practicality, the scope impresses across the board, which is also impressively evidenced by a string of awards.

  • 10 individual control functions (incl. seat height adjustment, locking of backrest angle and backrest height, spring force setting, seat angle and lumbar support adjustment, armrest width and height control)
  • Modular principle: you put together your favourite scope from a range of optional designs and functions. Headrests, armrests and lumbar support can be added afterwards, the upholstery is interchangeable
  • Patented "pendolo" concept: additional dimension of movement beyond the usual movement a backrest is capable of
  • Elastic spring clips in the back frame comfortably give and prevent clothing from being pulled up
  • Synchronous technology with quick adjustment
  • Pleasant integrated upholstery